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11 inspiring ideas for converting your basement into a living space

When you face the need to expand the living space of your home, basement conversion is one of the first ideas that come to mind. Decent accommodations for your growing family are not the only benefit you get to enjoy after building several extra underground rooms. Potentially, such a conversion can add up to $50,000 to the value of your house.

A basement diner with a garden view

If your backyard boasts of a multi-level garden, it may be a great place for excavating an under-building room. Make sure to let the flow of sunlight and lively colors pour all over the interior. Once filled with natural light, the kitchen and dining room will open up. The cheerful garden background will create the impression of picnicking in the out-of-doors.

A contemporary living room

It’s not difficult to transform an open-plan under-building space into a multi-purpose living area that takes into account the interests of each family member. Turn your characterless basement into a multi-functional living room that will encourage your house-mates to socialize with each other more often. A cozy library corner, a dining table, a gaming area, a set of cozy seating furniture – these are just a few of the multitude of ideas you can resort to.

An underground kitchen

Converting the basement into a spacious kitchen area with a fashionable interior is a worthy idea. Lately, it’s been very trendy in the world of high-end interior design and showed up in the homes of quite a few celebrities. So, if you want to cook your food like a movie star, it’s time to relocate your kitchen underground.

A lit and airy all-white basement

How to make an underground room appear spacious and filled with light if it features only several small peephole windows? To compensate for the lack of natural light, opt for a completely white color scheme. For coziness and warmth, you can introduce rich wood surfaces and a few patterned accessories.

Translucent wall dividers

In a basement that has only a few small sources of natural light, you can’t afford to build up additional solid walls. If there’s a need for separate rooms in the under-building space, consider installing glass dividers that permit sunlight through. Another idea to lit up the otherwise gloomy basement space is to complement the interior with large mirrors. The light they reflect will reach even the farthest corners of the room.

A secret hideout

If your family living room tends to get too noisy, you might be longing for a cozy private space where you could relax and enjoy yourself uninterrupted. Head straight to the basement and transform it into an intimate hideout with a warm color palette and a set of comfy furniture.

An underground dining room

If your home happens to have some vacant basement space right under the kitchen, consider the idea of converting it into a dining room. After all, the most atmospheric pubs and bars are always found underground. In this case, the lack of natural light isn’t necessarily a flaw. Embrace it in your design, making the low lighting a stylish feature.

A snug basement den

Your basement gives you an opportunity to design an incredibly snug and comfy den. The room’s underground location will only magnify its coziness. Use warm textures and subdued colors for ultimate relaxation to the sound of the rain, the noise of the traffic and the upstairs life.

A sultry dark bathroom

Even with the most superior design tricks, not every basement can give the feel of spaciousness and airiness. No need to get upset if your under-building lacks sunlight. You can design it as to embrace the sultriness of darkness. Use the underground space as a bathroom and give it a dusky and sexy design that benefits from minimal lighting.


Skylights instead of windows

Some homeowners are less lucky when it comes to the under-building space and cannot boast of any basement windows at all. If you’re one of them, the design decision you’re looking for is skylights. They let in plenty of sunlight during the day and enable you to observe a sky of street lights at night.

A wine cellar

This idea represents one of the most traditional uses of the basement space. Turn the underground room into a grotto full of rough textures and use it to store your favorite fine wines.

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