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5 Amazing Ways To Set Your Dinner Party Table

Want to impress your dinner party guests with an exquisite yet simple table setting? The following handful of beautiful ideas will definitely give you plenty of inspiration!

Gorgeous Blooms

If you strive to create a pleasing feel and a relaxed atmosphere during your dinner party, have a look at this elegant idea. In the photograph, the lunch table in the dining room has different types of seating furniture. Three sides feature chairs, while the fourth side offers a soft seating option in the form of a stunning sofa with a smooth, studded surface. The bright selection of cushions catches the eye thanks to the contrasting striped patterns.

Large windows let in an abundance of sunlight. The opened white blinds do little to interrupt the flux of light but add up to the room’s aesthetics. The walls are painted in snow-white as to further enhance the feel of airiness and weightlessness. Placed in the middle of the table, the beautiful bouquet of large blooms brings in a hint of solemnity and festivity.

Nordic Atmosphere

The white purity of this table setting brings up the image of the snowbound peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains. The stunning glassware resembles the sky over the summits or its reflection in a mountain lake. The loose, non-systematic and asymmetric arrangements of blue and white flowers make you think of a motley spring meadow hidden somewhere in the Scandes. The combination of all these elements creates a crispy-looking table setting that bears a powerful Nordic imprint.

Simple Purity

This dining room interior has two strong-influence elements in its design. The gray wallpaper makes a tangible statement with its bold pattern. The glossy robin egg blue curtains with a teal tint work as a powerful accent that focuses the observer’s attention on the dining area. In such an environment, it’s advisable to go for a minimalist table setting. 

In the photograph, a hint of rustic Provence charm is introduced with the rough texture of the tabletop, the simple linen placemat and napkins, and the multiple small bouquets of white flowers. The table setting is put in harmony with the curtains with the help of a couple of tall teal-colored candles.

Autumn Blues

This table setting is intended for creative people who would like to hold an autumn-themed dinner party veiled with a light gauze of sadness and nostalgia. As the background for the setting, use rough-textured textiles and wood. To proceed to the adornment layer, go outside and forage some freshly fallen chestnuts, and get a dozen or two of decorative features. Enhance the mood with blue-and-white plates that will remind your guests of the deep brightness of the autumn sky. Handcrafted name cards and glitter-sprayed twigs will make for a nice finishing touch.

Dramatic Black

If your dinner party aspiration is to set the table in a relaxed way with a few dramatic hints, this idea is what you’re looking for. Take a bright monochromatic gingham tablecloth and top it with neutrally colored napkins and crockery. Add a sprinkle of slightly faded foliage and flourish the plate with a single plant stem. To finish off the table setting, introduce shiny accents with the help of metal napkin rings and large jewelry pieces.

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