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5 cozy palettes for the interior, which will brighten up the winter for you

cozy palettes for the interior

There is our selection of simple combinations of colors that fill the house with warmth and are suitable for decorating even small apartments.

1. Neutral tones

At first, we suggest you to be inspired by warm shades of classical interiors. The characteristic range of this trend carries the depth and softness of brown tones, the delicate radiance of beige, milky, peach, sand and a little more nuanced gray-greenish, mint shades. Classics does abhors violent colors, fanciful bright contrasts, sharp changes in volume and light. The observance of restraint and even of some rigor is the main principle of the classics.

Neutral tones  classical interior

2. Monochrome + warm color

The recipe is simple: take as a basis a black and white and then dilute it with a juicy and bold hue. Warm color (like yellow) will be well combined with both white and black and give the room an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Like if the room is constantly exposed to sunlight. This option is very pertinent for the winter season and is perfect for premises with a lack of natural light, which have windows facing the north side.

 warm color palette Monochrome + warm color in interior

3. Berry Accent

Berry and warm pink tones are able to refresh not only the boring dull landscape outside the window, but also the relationship. The main thing is not to use active shades in large quantities: walls in bright cranberry color will “eat” space. But pillows or even armchairs made in this gamma perfectly complement the monochrome background.

Berry palette Berry Accent in interior

4. Shades of green

Even a small accent of the warm green shade of Greenery in the interior will immediately bring the atmosphere of the fine summer days. Light clean shades of green make the interior more cheerful and sunny.  This color combined perfectly with both light and dark gamma. Green is appropriate as accents (flowers, dishes, decor) and background (all walls or one green wall). It suitable for almost all rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom and nursery.

Shades of green Shades of green in interior

5. Rainbow gamma

Of course, we are not talking about all the colors of the rainbow, but about a few bright shades in the interior. A good option is a few half-tones of a similar gamma against a background of a more neutral tone. A big plus is that this option assumes variability. A strong tone, which have to activate creativity and communication, will be an excellent option in the nursery. It is better to use in the bedroom soft soothing shades that will create a boudoir atmosphere.

Rainbow gamma Rainbow gamma in living room

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