Children’s Room Curtain

Curtains for Children’s Room: Style Selection

Matching Curtains with Child’s Room Style

In case of modern-style children’s room, the curtain design means easy care and a mix of minimalism and hi-tech. The color should be neutral and light; the mounting method used – eyelets or hinges. Light fabrics, string curtains, straight curtains and Roman blinds are preferable.

The picture shows modern-style kid’s room, where Roman blinds and the furniture are matched in color.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style of kid curtains features a simple cut, natural materials (linen, muslin, silk) and avoiding using lambrequins, fringe or lace to decorate the window. The tieback is made of the same material as the curtain. The fabric should be light and translucent – white, pale yellow or beige. Blinds can be added as a sun shield.

Classical style

Classical style should look rather simple. This can be curtains with tulle or curtains with Romans. When it comes to selecting a lambrequin, remember that it will gather dust, so should be washed more often. Child’s room curtains of clean neutral and delicate natural colors (beige, brown, green, blue) are advantageous.

Provence style

Provence style will be appropriate in a girl’s room. Angled curtains should be made of a natural material featuring a bright flower or spotted pattern. They can be combined with roller curtains or blinds in a practical way. Decoration in the form of fringe and suspenders can be added.


Marine-style curtains feature a combination of blue and white colors with translucent organza and string tiebacks. A white lambrequin and other interior items will help you create a boat effect.

Fabric Selection

Curtain material is to:

  • Be environment-friendly and safe for the baby;
  • Prevent static electricity accumulation and dust pulling;
  • Resist fire propagation;
  • Be easily washable and retain the fresh look.

Suitable materials include linen (natural) and viscose or organza (synthetic). If additionally treated with an antistatic, the curtains in your children’s room will gather less dust and require washing less often.

The picture shows ornamented linen curtains, which protect the baby’s room against daylight.

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