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The deer in the interior. Symbolism of Scandinavian style on Christmas days

Still think how to decorate your house for Christmas? We propose to address the Scandinavian style of interior design.

Create such a playful deer from a pair of corrugated cardboard boxes.
deer in the interior
The image of the deer is constantly found in the elements of the decor of the Scandinavian interior. And this is not accidental. The figure of the deer in the house for Christmas and New Year has a symbolic meaning. A deer is a favorable symbol. It is associated with the Sun, sunrise, light, purity, renewal, rebirth, creation and spirituality. Because of the similarity of the deer horns to the branches, people associate the image of the deer with the Tree of Life. In addition, the horns of a deer symbolize sun rays and fertility. If you discard symbolism, then in itself such an element of decor is very cute and atmospheric.

deer in the interior
deer in the interior

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