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Furniture Choice Recommendations For a Nomadic Lifestyle

If you prefer or are forced to rent homes rather than own property due to frequent moves, you face an acute question regarding the choice of furniture. Each item has to comply with your lifestyle of a nomad dweller. At the same time, your furniture should be cozy and comfy, so that each new house quickly begins to feel like home.

Moving for career or education opportunities, for adventures or the love of one’s life is a very common occurrence nowadays, particularly among the younger generation. An abundance of furniture makes moving houses more difficult and may feel like a burden that weighs you down. However, even the nomadic lifestyle requires a bare minimum of items to make each of your homes feel inspiring. The following recommendations will definitely come handy if you’re a renter who moves frequently.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

The backbone of living comfortably as a renter is to own a basic set of multi-purpose furniture that can perform different functions when necessary. It’s a great trick for saving space in both the rented dwelling and the moving van. Don’t buy three separate pieces of furniture; opt for one piece capable of performing all the three functions. A good example is a couch that features a storage space and can be transformed into a bed. The importance of multi-functional furniture surges when you’re tight on money and have to rent a smaller place.

IKEA PS 2017 Box, set of 5 Grey from IKEA
IKEA PS 2017 Box, set of 5 Grey from IKEA

Visit a furniture store and see if you can find a decent-looking set of multi-purpose boxes that work not only for transportation and storage but also for display. This type of furniture allows for easy access to your clothes or books and provides an opportunity to show off your trinkets, figurines, books and other personal items. Besides, when the time to move homes comes around, packing your stuff up will be easy-peasy.

EKEBOL - Three-seat sofa Katorp natural from IKEA
EKEBOL – Three-seat sofa Katorp natural from IKEA

No Cumbersome, Difficult-To-Transport Pieces

Heavy furniture isn’t a renter’s friend, especially if your nomadic life envisages moving between different cities. Removal vans required for its transportation may entail bigger moving costs. It’s wise to opt for compact and lightweight furniture, which will enable you to move on your own, using public transport.

MACKAPÄR Coat rack with shoe storage unit 78x193 cm from IKEA
MACKAPÄR Coat rack with shoe storage unit 78×193 cm from IKEA

For example, refuse from the idea of a heavy, cumbersome wardrobe piece. Instead, find lightweight, easy-to-transport rails to hang your clothes on. They’ll bring a stylish, extravagant element into the interior, making a display of your clothes and handbags.

IKEA PS 2014 Table+2 benches, in/outdoor White/foldable
IKEA PS 2014 Table+2 benches, in/outdoor White/foldable

Universal Items That Will Harmonize With Any Interior

When you rent your home, you aren’t allowed to make major decisions regarding their internal décor. That’s why a nomadic dweller should opt for minimalist pieces that will fit harmoniously into any interior. Picking up your core furniture set, focus on adaptable, universal and versatile pieces. However, avoid monotonous and characterless items. Rental properties are known to be bland and impersonal, so your furniture should be what adds personality and individual design to the interior.

A good example of a versatile item is the table in this photograph. Its design is simple and minimalist, which makes it compatible with any interior. The piece suits for indoor use as a writing desk or a dining table. It’d also work great if used outdoors. The table comes with a couple of benches and can be folded away into a very compact shape.

How To Decorate The Walls Without Damaging Them?

Most landlords prohibit their tenants from drilling the walls to hang decorations, such as photos, mirrors, art pieces, etc. How to comply with this requirement without having to live in a bare home?

You’ll need a horizontal surface: the top of a chest of drawers or a table top will work. Place a big pinboard there, propping it against the wall. Voila! No damage has been done to the walls, but you have obtained a canvas for pinning up all kinds of personal trinkets, photographs of loved ones, postcards, etc. As for mirrors, there’s a multitude of beautiful free-standing models!

With a creative approach to decorations, the home you rent will feel incredibly cozy and full of character!

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