A dreamlike reading snug became a winner of this year’s Shed Project.
A cozy booklover’s place and a lovely sewing room are included in the five best designs named the best Grand Shed Project.

Grand Designs Live show of this year brought a lot of inspiration to us, as five designers of interior and garden presented their creative vision of the pretty garden shed.
The five Grand Shed Project entries all made up from identical garden sheds were appraised by Kevin McCloud. The first place is given to Reading Snug that was created by Dappled Interiors. Kevin decided that it was ‘the most inventive use of the restrictive space’.

Let’s have a close look on these five wonderful sheds… We are sure you will be impressed by these unique works!

Overall winner: Reading Snug by Dappled Interiors

If you walk into this shed, you will probably want to nestle on the soft, cozy sofa and devour a couple of books while drinking hot chocolate and listening to calm relaxing music. Rebecca, the designer of the shed did her best to make it a place where you can ‘escape from everyday stresses’ and have some time for your own self. We are absolutely in love with that gorgeous chandelier and a little place turned into a dog bed under the sofa’s arm!

The Sewing Shack by Julie Holgate

The shed which is designed by Julie is created in three basic colours, such as green, white and brown. A relaxed colour palette lets you feel the natural vibe and spend some good time on your hobby. There is a lot of space where you can store your craft materials and artworks. A mirror, a couple of drawers, a sewing machine and even a mannequin! Everything is there for you to enjoy your cup of tea! By the way, the armchair will be perfect for having some rest or for having a guest.

South Beach Miami by Garden Hideouts

Neon lights, palm trees and a tropical feeling mixed all together take you to Miami Beach, no matter where you were a second ago. The shed is designed for people who want leave the reality behind, probably have a sip of some fresh cocktails and chat with a couple of close friends. What’s more, if you add some modern club music, the shed will change into a lounge zone of a nightclub letting you feel like you are having a great party!

Boutique Bedroom by KG Lifestyle & Interiors

This shed will totally make you feel like you are in a luxurious villa on the beach. Soft colour scheme and symmetrical design give a nice feeling of a beach house to anyone who visits this boutique bedroom. If you invite your friends to your house for a party or a dinner, big bed and a tea set will nicely fit into a guest room. Also, two nice robes for your guests are hanging on the hooks, so that they feel really comfortable.

Bringing the Outdoors In by The Garden Designer

White walls make a great contrast with the green plants. The shed is turned into a garden which is ideal for the time when it rains and you just want to while away a couple of hours inside a homely warm place and look at the raindrops falling down outside. Light is perfectly spread around the room with the help of an added mirror. Totally perfect for anybody who is fond of taking care of houseplants!

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