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Great Space-Efficient Ideas For Small Bathrooms

With the right space-saving tricks, a small bathroom obtains a stylish appearance that doesn’t compromise its practical convenience. Use the ideas below to find inspiration for your interior design project, as well as smart ways to make your compact bathroom appear larger, airier and brighter.

Wallpaper In The Bathroom

A great trick to distract attention from the bathroom size is to create a focal wall. A wallpaper featuring bright colors and bold patterns is an interesting way to achieve this. A bathroom implies dampness and water splashes, so choose a water-resistant kind of wallpaper.

Mobile Bathroom Furniture

A bathroom of modest size will benefit from freestanding pieces of furniture. With mobile units for seating and storage, you can rearrange the interior capriciously. And when you decide to move to a different home, you can pack up the freestanding furniture and take it with you.

Visual Perception Tricks

Your bathroom space will appear larger if you finish the wall and the sides of your bath with tiles of the same design. Such a solution makes it difficult to notice where the bath ends and the wall begins. Marble tiles are a great means of implementing this trick. This kind of tiling looks like one seamless canvas, making it difficult to notice individual tiles.

Stacked Up Storage Units

Want to keep your lotions and other bathing supplies at hand and on show? Employ multi-tier storage units made from wire. If your bathroom is really tiny, keep the stand in your bedroom and move it to the bathroom only when needed.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

If the storage and other units in your bathroom are not standing on the floor, it maxes out the illusion of spaciousness. Besides, it becomes so much easier to mop. If you’re short on storage space for toiletries, you may introduce charming wicker baskets that will seat under the floating units. To keep up the unencumbered look throughout the room, consider wall-integrated taps.

Identical Finishing For Walls And Floors

If you finish the bathroom walls and the floor with identical tiles, your modestly sized bathroom will appear larger. Opt for natural stone to create a luxurious spa ambiance. If this finishing material seems too neutral to you, consider budget-friendly ways of giving your bathroom a personalized appearance. For example, storage cabinets, towels, and other accessories can form attention-catching colorful spots.

Turning Flaws Into Features

If your bathroom has a flaw, such as a ceiling of an awkward shape, with some effort you can transform it into an eye-catching feature. For instance, a white paintwork will make such a ceiling contrast with the bold statement made by the wallpaper finishing. In such a way, the confined space of your bathroom will obtain an individual character.

A Short Slipper Bathtub

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough space to host a traditional roll-top tub, consider picking up a stylish slipper bath. Many models have versions that are shortened but still highly comfortable.

No Large Furniture Items

Even if a hefty piece of furniture fits into your small bathroom, it doesn’t mean it’s reasonable to employ it. In a confined space, a large item looks out of place. Always pick up furniture that corresponds to the scale of your bathroom. A compact vanity and a small wall-hung storage rack may be enough for a tiny room. To add a personalized touch, finish the floor with patterned tiles and paint the vanity in the color of your choice.

A Wise Choice Of Furniture And Accessories

Your bathroom will attain a nostalgic vibe if you a give a new life to a console table by integrating a small basin into its top surface. Opt for taps mounted into the wall for ultimate space saving. A basin unit standing separately is the best choice, as your bathroom appears more spacious when a larger portion of the floor is visible. When you run out of other storage options, you can even place one or several baskets with bathing supplies and toiletries underneath it.

Dealing With A Sloping Ceiling

To save a pretty penny on tiles and make the bathroom space feel airier and larger, do not tile the walls all the way up to where the sloping surface begins. If there’s a skylight, finish the walls with tiles of a neutral dark color and paint the ceiling snow-white. This will enhance the brightness the roof lights bring into the room.

All-White With Colorful Hints

The color white is the best one on the palette when it comes to opening up a modest bathroom space. However, an all-white room may feel too neutral and resemble a clinic. As a compromise, try livening up the walls with a splash of color. Trying to add up character, make sure the colorful hints are not bold enough to disrupt the airy feel.

Accessories Work Wonders

Changing the accessories is a wonderful way of giving your compact bathroom a fresh appearance if your budget prevents you from doing a thorough, all-around makeover. Select a specific theme and follow it through in lighting, accessories, and mirrors. Currently trending are monochrome, coastal, and floral. None of them is too difficult to implement on a budget.

A Refreshing White Scheme

An all-white color scheme suits the bathroom more than any other room in your house. It creates the feeling of spaciousness and makes the room appear immaculate and pristine. One of the ways to perfection is to combine a white suite with a glossing tiling on the walls. To instill warmth in the all-white space, add plush-textured accessories.

Custom-Size Fixtures

Did you know that a room measuring 2 sq. m provides sufficient space for everything a bathroom needs? A shower room requires even less square-footage. The trick lies in elaborating the interior design project and refusing from anything that is unnecessary. A made-to-measure walk-in shower or an elegant custom bathtub make a great point of focus in a small space.

Wallpaper In The Cloakroom

That small cloakroom downstairs is where wallpaper is highly appropriate. As this room implies no heavy steam impact, you won’t need a special damage-resistant kind of this finishing material. When the space is so limited, unique prints capable of making a bold statement are advisable. Use a transparent splash-back to protect the paper from water damage without concealing any part of the wall.

Dual-Function Over-Shower Bath

A bathtub that also offers the shower function is an excellent solution for a modestly sized bathroom. To give yourself some luxe, position the shower along the long side of the bathtub. Tiles featuring a bold design will make the bathtub area stand out against the rest of the room.

Monochromatic With Colorful Hints

A monochrome scheme based on the color white can truly open up your bathroom and enhance its spaciousness, albeit only visually. One of the winning solutions is the combination of white tiling and black grouting. To avoid a boring look, spice it up with colored, textured and patterned accessories.

Using Colors To Add Character

Injecting a handsome dose of color will make your bathroom vibrant and personalized, preventing you from perceiving it as a clinical space that lacks character. Paint the ceiling bright yellow and add a shower screen of the same color to establish a strong focal point in a tiny bathroom. White tiling on the walls and floor in combination with downlighters will preserve the feeling of lightness and brightness.

Recessed Shelves

A shelf recessed into the wall represents a decent way of saving space that works well from both practical and visual standpoint. Your toiletries will never clutter other surfaces in the bathroom. Bonus points if your recessed shelves are built into the false wall that conceals the pipes. It’s a smart utilization of an unavoidable feature. To illuminate your recessed shelves, employ spot or linear lights.

Why Not A Wet Room?

Not only does a wet room utilize your bathroom space to the greatest extent; such a design adds a few points to the value of your property. Make sure to include a decent ventilation system and lash out to get a powerful extractor fan. It’s impossible to emphasize enough the importance of good ventilation in a wet room. If you lack it, moisture will build up and cause you a lot of problems. In addition to adding warmth, an underfloor heating system also facilitates the drying-up of surfaces.

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

If it’s difficult for you to decide on a particular way of decorating your tiny bathroom, remember that simplicity is sophisticated in and of itself. Pick up a palette consisting of soft, natural colors and support it with clean-lined furniture items and accessories. Keep in mind that clutter steals space, so you might want to keep you simple bathroom as unencumbered as possible.

Expanding The Space Using Mirrors

Reflecting light and creating an illusion of spaciousness, mirrors are able to drastically change the appearance of a small room. This time-tested trick is frequently implemented in interior design projects. If you’re an adventurous person, you can even finish one of the bathroom walls with mirror-surfaced tiles.

A Freestanding Bathtub

If you need a strong focal point in a tight space, opt for a beautiful freestanding bathtub. Many think such fixtures are too space-consuming, but the present-day market also offers small versions designed specifically for limited-space bathroom interiors.

Using Wall Panels To Create A Shelf

In the context of a small bathroom, tongue-and-groove paneling offers two advantages. Firstly, it serves as a frame for the bathtub. Secondly, the panel top forms a narrow yet convenient shelf for your toiletries, accessories and all kinds of trinkets. Consider the “water of the Nile” color of the paneling, as it instills an atmosphere of relaxation.

A Walk-In Shower In A Narrow Bathroom

Narrow bathrooms can be very tricky to design in a space-efficient fashion. A walk-in shower as wide as the bathroom itself may be the best way out of this quandary. It works even if there’s a window behind the shower. Letting in plenty of sunlight, a frosted panel will protect your privacy and shield the window against splashes. If you’re after a sleek appearance, mount the shower head into the ceiling and opt for a shower door that lacks frames.

Balancing The Palette

Unlike the larger rooms of your home, the small bathroom is an excellent canvas for experimenting with shades and colors. If the tiles and paints differ in color, it enhances the vibrancy of the space. Your diverse scheme will employ not only different colors but different materials as well. A great way to unify it is to introduce complementary tones in the form of towels and other bathing accessories.

A Sunken Bathtub

Want your bathroom to radiate the feel of a luxurious hotel? If you don’t lack space below the floorboards, consider installing a sunken bathtub. Such a solution works well in a small space, streamlining the interior design.

Placing The Shower In A Corner

If you lack space for a full-size bathtub, consider employing a corner shower unit that takes up a very moderate amount of space. Opt for a shower of a rounded shape in which the doors open by sliding around the frame. However, a square enclosure suits a small bathroom as well. Avoid models with pivot or swinging doors, though, as their use requires extra space.

Going Compact in Loft Spaces

A compact design is what you should strive to achieve when you have to deal with an awkwardly-shaped loft space. Refuse from the idea of getting a full-size bathtub and opt for a shiny glass shower. Instead of occupying the low-ceiling space with storage cabinets, consider placing a toilet or a basin in this part of the room.

The Horizontal Line Trick

When it’s time to finish the walls of your small bathroom, consider employing the following small design trick. Using tiles or paint (or both), trace a horizontal line that goes all the way around the room. The result will be an illusion of a wider, bigger room.

A Corner Bathtub

If your bathroom is short on space but you still want a fully functional bath rather than a shower, have a look at corner bathtubs. Such a model offers not only a practical advantage but also introduces an interesting feature into the interior. If necessary, envisage steps that lead up to the bathtub and make use of the very corner by transforming it into a shelf that hosts you bathing supplies.

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