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Hints On Creating And Cozying Up A She Shed

Who hasn’t dreamed of having her own she shed, a feminine version of the well-known man cave? It makes a perfect hideaway spot, your personal bit of space where you’ll be able to do things undisturbed. Here’s a handful of hints on how to create a personal retreat for working or relaxing without being interrupted by your family or house-mates.

What does that unsightly shed of yours serve for? Storing the grass-cutter and other equipment? Hosting the man cave? It’s time to reclaim the territory! Transform it into a cozy sanctuary place where you’ll privately enjoy a cup of mint tea over your favourite novel. Create she shed where you can plunge into your hobby. Arrange a neat personal hideaway where you can spend some alone time or chat with a friend over a glass of fine wine.

Your first step is to soften the rough and raw appearance of the structure. Apply a feminine palette of freshening colours. For a cozy effect, use mellow, subdued tones: faded rose pink, mint green, duck egg blue, etc. Don’t be shy to add some chic and charm with floral or vintage prints and patterns. After the overall feminine theme is all set, complement your she shed’s interior with warm and cozy details.

1. Put storage units and pinboards on the walls

The timber-clad walls of the shed are asking for a creative approach. Break up the rough surface by hanging it with something pretty. Bonus points if your wall hangings also have a practical purpose.

Think about taking a big sheet of plywood and covering it with floral print wallpaper or fabric to make an eye-appealing pinboard. Use it to pin up photographs, postcards and all kinds of cute trinkets. If you’re into crafting and handmade, the pinboard will serve as an excellent canvas for your creative ideas.

Large art pieces or framed photos will look great if you hang them directly on the rough-textured wall. As for frame-free photos, cards, and notes, a mesh wire letter rack is what you can use for displaying them neatly.

If there’s no other place but you’re she shed when it comes to storing gardening tools, then at least make them an interesting interior feature. Get a rail or a peg board and hang each tool from it.

2. Add a sofa for comfortable seating

Intend to enjoy privacy in your newly-created hideout at every opportunity? Some of the conventional home comforts can improve your she-shedding experience greatly. All you need is a soft, squishy small sofa or a comfy armchair. Don’t forget to include a footstool so that your feet can have a bit of rest, too!

Need more décor? Throw a knitted blanket or quilt on your soft furniture piece. From the aesthetic standpoint, your she shed will appear much cozier. Moreover, you’ll thank yourself for the blanket idea when it gets chilly in the evening.

3. Introduce a coffee or side table

Sheds are normally built from timber or logs, so a wooden table will fit in the interior perfectly. Don’t worry about leaving a wine stain or around cup mark on its surface, as it’ll only enhance the table’s rustic charm.

If you’re lucky to have a rather spacious shed, treat yourself to a table large enough for some minor crafting, collecting a jigsaw puzzle or serving a buffet for more than one person. If you’re she shed is on the smaller side, opt for a tiny end table that provides enough space for placing a glass of wine, a teacup or a book.

4. Screen the window with a Roman blind

When it’s the most sweltering time of summer, it might get really hot in your shed during the day. To avoid being irritated by the glaring of the sun, screen the window with a Roman blind. It’ll not only keep you cool. The blind will soften the interior’s appearance by introducing a vertical textile surface against the rough-textured walls. Besides, once you’ve blinded the window, you’ll be able to enjoy more privacy and security in your retreat.

5. Hampers for storage and seating

A pretty wicker hamper coordinates well with she shed interior and serves as a commodious storage box. Use it to contain gardening tools and flower food, or garden games and seating cushions, or anything else you want to hide away temporarily. If your hamper is big and sturdy enough, you can congratulate yourself on having squeezed one more seating place in your she shed.

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