Children’s Room Curtain Ideas

Idea of the day: Boy’s Room Curtains

For babies of three or less, cream, blue, pistachio or light yellow shades are the best solutions. Starting from the age of 5-6, the room can be marked as that of a boy by selecting a proper color and pattern. This can be photo-curtains bearing pictures of cars, space or boats. Curtains can simulate sails or a fishing net.

In an active boy’s room, avoid pompous and heavy curtains with sophisticated draping, which only complicates the care. Good practical alternatives are short curtains, blinds, roller curtains or Romans. The mechanism allows adjusting the lift height.

As for patterns, a big checked or striped ornament will be good. Try to choose pastel and natural green, blue or grey shadows.

When choosing curtains for a teenager boy’s room, base your decision on his preferences and hobbies. This can be laconic roller curtains bearing no pattern at all or decorated with smiles, music instruments, graffiti or football balls.

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