Children’s Room Curtain Ideas

Idea of the day: Curtains for Girl’s Room

For newborn girls, pastel shades of pink, turquoise, violet, beige or cream colors will be the best solution. To add extra variety to the curtains, place a contrast ribbon along the contour.

For girls of 8 and less, curtains with ties and light draping will be appropriate as they will refer to princesses and kingdoms.

The furniture and wall finishing colors should be taken into consideration. If the child’s room is bright, the curtains are to be neutral to avoid diverting attention with their bright colors. Pastel translucent curtains are recommended in this case.

For kids from 9 to 12, curtains with prints, patterns and ornaments (diamonds, dots, stripes) are appropriate. Avoid overcomplicating them with ruches; a simple cloth or roller blinds are preferable.

The best suiting mounting options include strong eyelets, clamps and bow ties. As for colors, turquoise, violet and blue should be considered along with traditional pink and beige.

In the picture: Classical curtains in the child’s room are matched in color with the suspended shelf. When using rich colors, it is important to keep the tones balanced
In the picture: Curtains in Girl’s Room interior


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