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A Log House: Interior And Exterior Design

The design of this log house is compliant with the contemporary “country” style: vibrant, vivid, very comfy and functional. Rounded logs are the material that imparts both exterior and interior of the house with distinctive charm.

Exterior Finishing

The roof of the house is covered with metal tiles; the foundation part is clad with stone. The bright red window frames introduce a lively decorative hint that makes this house exterior unique.

The complementary decorative elements were selected by the house owners themselves. Having a tender passion for Russian relics of the past, they made their choices with great care. The cartwheel on the porch, the antique samovars, the wrought bracket shelves – all these details emphasize the selected style and introduce a vibe of the old times.

In the evening, the terrace is illuminated by the antique-style pendant ceiling lamps.

Interior Finishing

The log house boasts of a very simple interior finishing: most walls aren’t coated with anything, as to demonstrate the natural color and texture of the logs. Even in the humid rooms, a certain part of the walls showcases bare logs.

1st Floor

Entrance Hall

Kitchen And Dining Room

There’s no wall between the kitchen and the dining room. They’re separated only visually, and the kitchen island marks the boundary. The dining area is dominated by the handcrafted table, which consists of a large pinewood tabletop fitted upon cast iron supports. The chairs for the work zone and the dining area were ordered from the same manufacturer.

The white glass display cases that sit on both sides of the window are distinguished by a rather simple shape and a budget-friendly price. The house owners use the vitrines for displaying the collection of antiquities they have been lovingly replenishing.

Living Room

The entire design of the log house succumbs to a single idea: creating a comfy and cozy home. Its interior finishing is unsophisticated yet extraordinary. At first sight, the living room floor appears to be paved with large contrasting tiles. In fact, the floor cladding is manufactured from larch boards painted in two colors: milk white and dark gray.

The seating area is also unusual: instead of one large couch, it features two medium-sized sofas situated diagonally, in alignment with the floor “tiling.” The sofas are not only convenient to sit on. For the night, they can be converted into extra guest beds.

Work Zone

The large writing desk by the window provides enough space for comfortable work, while the antique wall clock serves as a decorative hint at the designed purpose of this cozy corner.

2nd Floor

The upper part of the house features a softer, calmer design in comparison with the first floor. Which is no wonder, as this area hosts the private rooms designed for rest. The partition walls separating the rooms are made from gypsum plasterboard reinforced with a metal frame.

The second-floor interiors of the log house were finished taking into account the considerable slope of the roof. However, the sloping ceilings didn’t ruin the interiors. On the contrary, they introduced an additional charming accent.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, the wall behind the bedhead is covered with black-and-white floral print wallpaper. The wrought bed-head matches the wallpaper pattern. There are small closets on both sides of the bed. Their light-colored multi-horizontal plank doors represent a solution typical for the Country style, especially in Southern France.

Kids’ Bedroom

Since the family has three kids, the designer had to refuse from using nightstands, compensating for them with the help of niches above the bed-heads. The doors between the two beds are similar to the closet doors present in the master bedroom. They too conceal a storage system.

The walls are partly covered with bright floral print wallpaper, while the remaining part is showing bare logs. The rural-style quilts and the long striped throw rug are the inherent accessories of any country bedroom.


Even the bathroom sports bare log walls, which creates a quite extraordinary appearance. Such a solution was made possible after a special treatment of the wooden surfaces, which ensured their resistance to water. The walls near the bathtub and the basin unit are partly tiled, partly covered with water-resistant vinyl wallpaper. The basin sits on a wrought frame manufactured from the mistress’ sketch.

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