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The Provence Interior: In Harmony With Nature

As an interior design style, Provence represents a unique French iteration of Country. As obvious from the name, it creates the vibe and overall atmosphere in the spirit of cozy provincial France. The main characteristic feature of Provence interiors is the rustic, somewhat naive simplicity of a rural home.

Implementing Provence Style In Urban And Rural Dwellings

If you live in an apartment located in the center of a city, you might face certain difficulties turning your dwelling into a cozy rural corner. When elaborating the choice of decorations for each room, consider the details with care and find ways to conceal the urban nature of your apartment.

On the other hand, a village house or a country cottage is literally asking for Provence. The appearance of southern mansions and villas really benefits from the style. However, even if your country-side property is just a small house, the naive Provence charm will make it immensely cozy.

Selecting Color Palette, Finishing Materials, Furniture

As any other style, Provence has its requirements and must-haves. The color palette needs to be selected with particular care. To create a mellow background for the interior, finish the ceiling and walls in white or pastel tones. When it comes to finishing materials, simple and rough textures are preferable, as to create a rustic vibe. Opt for painted wooden furniture. Suitable are the colors of a country landscape: lavender, green, blue, turquoise, etc. Employ both light and bright tones, so that your interior feels filled with sunshine and summer air of Southern France.

The importance of worn-out items in Provence designs deserves a separate mention. Furnishing your interior, include pieces that demonstrate the impact of time. Your dwelling is supposed to give a vibe of rustic simplicity, so avoid furniture that appears very elegant and chic. On the other hand, a couple items that look a tad bit rough are what your design project will benefit from.

Styling A Provence Bedroom

Avoid shiny metal elements that are peculiar to contemporary designs. When a metal detail is present in a Provence interior, it only complements the wooden elements, never forming a focal point of its own. The bedroom furniture should produce the impression of antiquity.

When it comes to selecting the fabrics, make sure they don’t contravene with the overall design. Preferable are unsophisticated cotton textiles. As for patterns and prints, the floral theme is the best possible choice.

Vintage And Provence: What’s The Difference?

The two design styles share quite a few characteristic features. In both cases, the interior is styled to give an antique vibe, often complemented with authentic antiquities and rather old-fashioned color designs.

The difference between the two similar styles lies in the atmosphere each of them is supposed to create. With the Provence style, it’s the relaxed rural simplicity, the coziness and comfort you enjoy living in full harmony with nature. As for Vintage, it lacks rural motifs, which is why it works better in urban apartments, while a Provence interior is more appropriate in a country house.

Provence Style interior design

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