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Scandinavian style in the interior

Scandinavian style – one of the most popular modern styles. Projects in this style can be all over the world, from Greece to Argentina. Most of all it is in demand, which is not surprising, in the countries of the northern climate.

The success of the Scandinavian style is due to the ingenious combination of national and international. Aesthetics of style does not follow from the culture and history of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but from the features of the climatic zone and geographical location.

Сombination of national and international in Scandi


The Scandinavian style uses materials typical of this region: first of all a lumber in all kinds, from a polished floorboard and to a wooden branch.

The global trend towards environmental friendliness, cleanliness, natural forms and bright spacious rooms has caused great excitement around the Scandinavian style. Designers around the world began to reproduce the Scandinavian interiors, but, often, not dealing the essence of the style, copying the form and not understanding the content.

typical materials in Scandinavian style

All this leads to unpleasant incidents. Elements of style, thoughtlessly copied and transferred to foreign soil, often do not take shape to harmonious interiors and whole works. Liveliness and freshness are lost.

typical materials in Scandinavian style

This already happened when the style of Provence came to Russia. Seized from the context of the French village and lavender fields and placed in an atmosphere of “grayness beyond the windows”, the style faded. It evoked connotations with the crypt, rather than with a joyous village surrounded by sunflowers.

atmosphere in Scandi style

And the whole point is that Scandi style, like all modern styles, does not consist of a set of strict rules, but at a reception. Live styles are useless to disassemble for details. It is much more important to understand their essence. After all, they continue to evolve, and every designer is able to contribute to the formation of style.


The original Scandinavian interiors were not assembled at a time. They were filling with furniture and accessories for quite some time.

Furniture in Scandinavian style

At first, the basic furniture was arranged. Then the rest of the elements were added for months, and sometimes even for years. Hence the eclecticism of the style, which mixes vintage furniture of the beginning and the middle of the twentieth century, objects of modern design and things like those found in the grandmother’s closet.

bathroom in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style links all this with a single idea, a color solution and textures. It replaces the missing parts with natural forms: a stump instead of a bedside table, a branch as a hanger or a sconce, a root covered with a glass top, instead of a coffee table.

At the same time the Scandinavian style completely denies the furniture of historical styles. In Paris, at flea markets, one can still find good classical furniture or rococo style furniture. In Finland and Norway it’s easier to find a suitable stump and moose horns than something from the past.

Scandinavian style in bedroom

Color and light

The white color of the walls in Scandi is also not accidental. It unites all parts of the interior into a single whole, conceals inconsistencies and, most importantly, repeatedly reflects the sun’s rays, filling the premises with light, which is so lacking in the northern countries.

Scandinavian style is not possible without large windows. There are often no curtains on the windows and only occasionally a translucent tulle or white cotton cloth is hung.

windows in Scandinavian style

The open texture of the tree and the whitewashing of the walls is a perfect combination. The style dies without bright color inserts. In this case, it is necessary to avoid multicolor. It is recommended to use no more than one or two open colors in interiors of the Scandinavian style. And it is better to applicate them for the accents rather than large sections of walls and massive furniture.

 open texture in Scandi

The coldness of the northern nature in Scandi is compensated by a large number of diverse textiles, from coarse wool to bright rugs and napkins. All these pillows and ottomans, the skin on the floor and the bedspread on the bed create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

warmth and comfort of Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is very popular around the world, because it is very humane. First of all, it is for people, and not for image or status.

It is really comfortable to live in this style. You can achieve perfect results without huge money. Сombine furniture, restored and brightly colored objects from flea markets, as well as snags, stumps and horns.

Nature in Scandinavian interiors is always close.

Nature in Scandinavian interiors

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