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The story of a small Christmas tree. Minimalism of Scandinavian style and the main tree of Christmas

Still think how to decorate your house for Christmas? We propose to address the Scandinavian style of interior design.

Decorate the mini-tree. For this you need a small branch from the tree. Put it in a jar of water and decorate. If there are cones on the branch, you can do without special adornments. Cones themselves look smart. If desired, natural “decorations” can be toned with paint from a can.
Christmas tree
You can put such a mini-tree in the guest room, thereby welcoming the visitors of the holiday. Such a mini-tree will look good in the hallway and in the kitchen. A small Christmas tree is a good option if you do not want to bother with a big tree. Are you going to celebrate Christmas not at home? Excellent! A mini Christmas tree will meet you on your return from the church, guests or travel.

Christmas tree Christmas tree

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