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Transitional style in the interior

The style is called transitional, that is, “temporary, intermediate, transit”. It would seem, what is common to this interpretation with the interior?

The direction combines modern style and traditions. Working in this style, designers retain classic lines, but they choose modern colors and accessories. Typically, the rooms in this style are “drowned” in soft upholstery, pillows and textiles.

Transitional style in interior

Features of the transitional style

The color palette is minimalistic. It refers more to the modern interior and should create an atmosphere of appeasement. Therefore, often designers choose gray-brown, flesh-colored, beige, vanilla color.

Transitional style in interior

Mix of classics and modern times extends to accessories. “Random” decor does not happen in the room – only perfectly matched and emphasizing calm and smoothness.

Furniture supports this balance of styles. There should be smoothness of bends, but at the same time furniture are large.

Transitional style in interior Transitional style in interior

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